The great Port Jeff. flood

The great Port Jeff. flood of September 2012

What can be said?  Those who experienced it can only describe it, those who missed it can listen to the tales and imagine the event unfolding.  A thick black  cloud from the west, than the skies opened up. From up on Thompson Street the sound no one wanted  to hear, was it the St. Charles Hospital sump again? Breached by the torrential downpour?  No, thankfully this time just rain from above, washing down the street, bringing gravel and dirt with it, jumping curbs and entering stores, flooding basements and filling the Gap parking lot.

I have had enough of this incompetence and delays from the Village. Basic street and drainage infrastructure needs to be improved to prevent  the loss of income to the business that are trying to hang on in tough economic times.

God forbid, what if this had happened on the most important day in the village calendar?  The Halloween Dog Parade. Can you imagine?  The smallest dogs swept away in the deluge, pugs, dachshunds and chihuahuas. It would come too fast for the owners to scoop them up in their arms.

All that would be left perhaps, a pug’s Darth Vader helmet and cape, stuck in a nonfunctioning drainage inlet, a dachshund’s hot dog roll costume, just sticking out from a flooded car’s bumper and a chihuahua’s tutu wrapped around a metered parking kiosk. Out in the harbor, their poor bodies, sucked through the bow thruster of the Grand Republic  turned to chum as it pivots for Bridgeport.

Sometimes I feel I should be on it, headed for Bridgeport, never to return to Port Jefferson.

No wonder we are being overtaken by the Chinese, they invest in their infrastructure, we ignore it, we overindulge our dogs, they eat them.

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